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How to create undeletable and unrenamale folder in windows 10

These are steps for creating unrenamable and undeletable folder:-

Note: * You can not create unrenamable and undeletable folder in your root directory for example in Drive c (In which windows installed) *.

Step 1: open cmd (command prompt).

step 2: Select your Drive by typing E: or F: etc and hit enter.

Step 3: Now type “md con\” and hit enter .(here md refers to Make directory)

Step 4: Your folder is created now check this with named con folder and try to delete and rename this folder.

Steps for deleting unrenamable and undeletable folder:-

Step 1: select Drive and Type “rd con\” .(here rd refers to remove directory).

┬áthat’s all.It is now deleted.again check the Drive you will not find anything.

watch from here: